John Peel Fanzine Interview - 1984

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Tue Jun 26 16:04:52 CEST 2012

Thanks for posting this - I have the same issue of BBB and as far as I know it dates from 1985. I've got a box full of old fanzines from the 1980s at home and seeing your stuff on Flickr inspired me to sort through them and start scanning all the covers as you have done, which brought back some nice memories.... 

I've got 3 with John Peel interviews: 

"The End" #5 (1982)
"Cool Notes" #7 (1983)
"Baby Bites Back" #1 (1985)

I also discovered that there's a fanzine wiki (, although most of the ones I've got aren't in it....



--- In, "fruitierthanthou" <ddriscoll@...> wrote:
> I was digging around looking for something else, when I found this John Peel interview in Eleanor Linwood's BABY BITES BACK fanzine.. I reckon this is around late summer / autumn 1984..
> I though you guys would like to see.. I have scanned in here:
> Dave FTT

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