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Here is the list for letter I

Featured this week ... In The Nursery

"D'ye ken John Peel with his voice so grey?
He sounds as if he's far far away;
He sends you to sleep at the end of the day;
'til you're woken up by Tony Blackburn in the morning."
Oddie B

I've included the position on the shelf (this is the first 100 albums sorted by artist - which is the way that they are
filed on Peel's shelves), the Peel card index number, artist, album - and then some links (Spotify, iTunes, Discogs)
Yahoo is sure to make a mess of some of this when it wraps the lines ... but it is TAB delimited - so easy for those
that want to import it into a spreadsheet. I've already put it in the wiki

There will be 100 a week - each starting with next letter in the alphabet.

ShelfPos	Index	Artist	Album	Links	Video
I001	25936	I Am Kloot	Natural History
I002	26651	I Am Kloot	I Am Kloot
I003	18982	I. D. Under	The Lords Of Nothing	
I004	20370	I. D. Under	Genericide	
I005	25101	I-F	I-F Fucking Consumer
I006	25243	I-F	The Man From P.A.C.K.
I007	14390	I-Level	I-Level	
I008	18895	I, Ludicrous	It's Like Everything Else	
I009	20929	I, Ludicrous	A Warning To The Curious	
I010	18772	I Spit On Your Gravy	Fruit Loop City	
I011	18012	I Start Counting	My Translucent Hands
I012	20663	I Start Counting	Fused
I013	12284	Ian & The Muscletones	Human Sacrifice	
I014	7910	Ian & The Zodiacs	Ian & The Zodiacs	
I015	25903	Ian & The Zodiacs	Gear Again	
I016	0725	Janis Ian	Janis Ian	
I017	3048	Janis Ian	Present Company	
I018	6193	Janis Ian	Stars
I019	23735	Ibinhurux Eeee	My Name Is John Flash	
I020	13706	Icarus	State Of Mind	
I021	26071	The Icarus Line	Mono	
I022	21436	Ice Cube	AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted
I023	22244	Ice Cube	Death Certificate
I024	20857	Ice-T	The Iceberg / Freedom Of Speech etc
I025	9915	The Icebreakers	Planet Mars Dub
I026	12424	Icehouse	Flowers	
I027	14300	Die Ichs	Die Ich's	
I028	15029	The Icicle Works	The Icicle Works
I029	16686	The Icicle Works	The Small Price Of A Bicycle
I030	18351	The Icicle Works	If You Want To Defeat Your Enemy Sing His Song
I031	22755	The Icky Boyfriends	I'm Not Fascinating	
I032	21960	Icky Joey	Pooh
I033	15335	Icons Of Filth	Onward Christian Soldiers
I034	12282	Ideal	Ideal
I035	13139	Ideal	Der Ernst Des Lebens
I036	2404	Ides Of March	Vehicle
I037	16156	The Idiots	They Call Us...	
I038	0726	Idle Race	Birthday Party	
I039	1752	Idle Race	Idle Race	
I040	16812	The Idle Race	Light At The End Of The Road	
I041	2308	If	If	
I042	2672	If	If 2	
I043	3184	If	If 3	
I044	3787	If	If 4	
I045	6730	If	Teabreak Over - Back On Your 'Eads	
I046	2207	Igginbottom's Wrench	Igginbottom
I047	3713	Iguana	Iguana
I048	1816	Ijahman	Haile I Hymn (Chapter 1)
I049	13305	Ijahman Levi	Tell It To The Children
I050	15490	Ijahman Levi	Africa	
I051	13659	Ike Yard	A Second	
I052	19885	Ikhwani Safaa Musical Club	'The Music Of Zanzibar' 2	
I053	18213	The Ikettes	Fine, Fine, Fine	
I054	19448	Ilanga	Visions Foretold	
I055	12729	I'm So Hollow	Emotion/Sound/Motion	
I056	15837	Imaginations	Soarin' High	
I057	25532	Immense	Evil Ones & Zeroes
I058	24961	Immersion	Purge	
I059	26450	The Immortal Lee County Killers	Love Is A Charm Of Powerful Trouble	
I060	8106	Impact	Impact	
I061	21399	Impact	Threat	
I062	23631	Impala	Kings Of The Strip
I063	22995	Impaled Nazarene	Tol Cormpt Norz Norz Norz
I064	19875	Impatient Youth	Don't Listen	
I065	0728	The Impressions	This Is My Country
I066	2526	Impressions	Amen	
I067	6337	Impressions	Finally Got Myself Together
I068	7112	Impressions	First Impressions
I069	7764	Impressions	Loving Power	
I070	8490	Impressions	For Your Previous Love	
I071	14592	The Impressions	It All Right	
I072	14702	The Impressions	Right On Time	
I073	14793	Impressions	People Get Ready
I074	18985	Impulse Manslaughter	He Who Laughs Last...Laughs Alone
I075	20487	Impulse Manslaughter	Logical End
I076	0729	Imrat Kahn	Music from India Series - 10	
I077	1080	I'm Sorry, I'll Read That Again	I'm Sorry, I'll Read That Again
I078	10388	I'm Sorry, I'll Read That Again	I'm Sorry, I'll Read That Again 2
I079	22579	In Dust	Nosebleed	
I080	13741	In Embrace	Passion Fruit/Pastels	
I081	14652	In Embrace	Too	
I082	17425	In Embrace	Wanderlust 1982-1984	
I083	17147	In Excelsis	Prey	
I084	24929	The In Out	Cosmosis	
I085	14355	In The Nursery	When Cherished Dreams Come True	
I086	17805	In The Nursery	Twins	
I087	18651	In The Nursery	Stormhorse	
I088	17729	Th' Inbred	A Family Affair	
I089	16000	Inca Babies	Rumble	
I090	17742	Inca Babies	This Train	
I091	18731	Inca Babies	Opium Den	
I092	24071	Inca Eyeball	He Has A Brain The Size Of A Fifty Pence	
I093	19923	Incorporated Thang Band	Lifestyles Of The Roach & Famous	
I094	14154	The Incredible Casuals	Let's Go!	
I095	18389	The Incredible Casuals	That's That
I096	24823	Incredible Force Of Junior	Let The World Fall Apart	
I097	4997	Incredible Hog	Volume 1
I098	0730	Incredible String Band	The Incredible String Band
I099	0731	Incredible String Band	The 500 Spirits or the Layers of the Onion
I100	0732	Incredible String Band	The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter


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