Four On The Floor

Stuart stuartb@...
Wed Jun 20 21:43:57 CEST 2012

Thanks for all these Steve and tapers! I hadn't realised that the Fall
session wasn't released commercially and was a bit of a rarity though
there was a slightly less clear version of it on the unofficial
compilation On The Wireless, part of the 17DVD torrent.


--- In, "so_it_goes_2512" <so_it_goes_2512@...>
> 1) 11 September 1993 <>
> (Sessions: Prince Far I, Fall)
> Parts of this were already on Stuart's September 1993 mixtape and it
> to that I returned in order to cover part of a long tape flip which
> missed half of the Fall session: thanks compadre, and to Colin for
> epochal show almost in full at last.
> 2) 19 January 1996 <>
> (Sessions: Bob Tilton, DJ Hell)3) 13 July 1996
> <>   (Session: Man Or
> Astro-Man?)4) 30 November 1996
> <>   (Session: Scott Brown)
> All incomplete but previously unavailable: many thanks to Isector.
> All the bestSteve (TK)

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