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Stuart stuartb@...
Wed Jun 20 21:33:35 CEST 2012

Another 6 tapes in the Peel Sessions category!

Shambiko! Say Wah! This is a compilation from shows in June 1982,
documented on the Wiki
<!_Say_Wah!_1982>  . The Wah tracks
are a slight mystery, with Papa Crack (sounds like A Crack Is A Crack)
followed by a longer version of Papa Crack/God's Lonely Men (which
sounds like the track of that name on A Word To The Wise Guy). Any
clarifications welcome! Very few JP links.

Loudon Wainwright:Mekons This is the first 47 minutes of 30 September
1985 <>  the second 47
minutes having already been shared on the same site.

Happy Flowers:Pixies. This is a slightly edited 46 minutes from 26 June
1990 <>  previously unavailable.
The show takes place against the backdrop of England's World Cup Quarter
Final against Belgium.

There is a recording of the Piccadilly Radio Joy Division session from
June 1979.

And the final two are a couple of Peel Out in The States shows,
previously available.

Many thanks to Patestapes <>  !

Don't suppose anyone can re-up episodes 21 and 22 of POITS btw?


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