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Here is the list for letter G

Gang of Four outnumbered by Rory Gallagher ...

I've included the position on the shelf (this is the first 100 albums sorted by artist - which is the way that they are
filed on Peel's shelves), the Peel card index number, artist, album - and then some links (Spotify, iTunes, Discogs)
Yahoo is sure to make a mess of some of this when it wraps the lines ... but it is TAB delimited - so easy for those
that want to import it into a spreadsheet. I've already put it in the wiki

There will be 100 a week - each starting with next letter in the alphabet.

ShelfPos	Index	Artist	Album	Links	Video
G001	12625	G.B.H.	Leather, Bristles, Studs and Acne	
G002	13556	G.B.H.	City Baby Attacked By Rats	
G003	17122	G.B.H.	Midnight Madness & Beyond	
G004	25469	G.F.	Electronic Lesson Pt. 2	
G005	26305	G-Man	Avanti	
G006	22920	GTO	Tip Of The Iceberg	
G007	15991	Gabinete Caligari	Cuatro Rosas
G008	11511	B.B. Gabor	BBGabor	
G009	9861	Gabriel Bondage	Another Trip To Earth	
G010	8774	Peter Gabriel	Peter Gabriel
G011	9924	Peter Gabriel	Peter Gabriel
G012	9924	Peter Gabriel	Peter Gabriel
G013	11636	Peter Gabriel	Ein Deutsches Album	
G014	17135	Bob Gaddy	Rip And Run	
G015	11414	Gadgets	Gadgetree	
G016	12069	the Gadgets	Love, Curiosity, Freckles & Doubt	
G017	14554	the Gadgets	Blue Album	
G018	10482	Gaffa	Neither Use Nor Ornament	
G019	9745	Gags	Death In Buzzard's Gulch	
G020	1804	Slim Gaillard	Chicken Rhythm	
G021	7819	Slim Gaillard	McVouty, Slim & Bam	
G022	8971	Slim Gaillard	Son Of McVouty	
G023	11169	Slim Gaillard	Slim Gaillard At Birdland
G024	13376	Slim Gaillard / Slam Stewart	Matzoh Balls	
G025	13443	Slim Gaillard	Opera In Vout	
G026	13894	Slim Gaillard	The Voutest!	
G027	14084	Slim Gaillard / Slam Stewart	Slim & Slam
G028	14251	Slim Gaillard	Anytime, Anyplace - Anywhere-	
G029	14584	Slim Gaillard	Roots Of Vouty	
G030	15569	Slim Gaillard	Cement Mixer Putti Putti	
G031	18038	Earl Gaines	Yearning And Burning	
G032	4906	The Marion Gaines Singers	This Too Is Gospel	
G033	13168	Roy Gaines	Gainelining
G034	10894	Serge Gainsbourg	Aux Armes Et Caetera
G035	5863	Galactic Supermarket	Galactic Supermarket	
G036	13339	Diamanda Galas	The Litanies Of Satan
G037	17575	Diamanda Galas	The Divine Punishment
G038	20743	Galaxie 500	Today
G039	20830	Galaxie 500	On Fire
G040	21485	Galaxie 500	This Is Our Music
G041	23386	The Galaxy Trio	Saucers Over Vegas	
G042	10263	Arlyn Gale	Back To The Midwest Night	
G043	0559	Eddie Gale's Ghetto Music	Eddie Gale's Ghetto Music
G044	9565	Eric Gale	Multiplication
G045	8970	Gale Force	Gale Force	
G046	3616	Gallagher Lyle	Benny Gallagher / Graham Lyle	
G047	5433	Gallagher & Lyle	Seeds
G048	6346	Gallagher & Lyle	The Last Cowboy	
G049	8635	Gallagher & Lyle	Love On The Airwaves	
G050	3483	Rory Gallagher	Deuce
G051	3821	Rory Gallagher	Live! In Europe
G052	4634	Rory Gallagher	Blueprint
G053	5328	Rory Gallagher	Tattoo
G054	6119	Rory Gallagher	Irish Tour '74 1
G055	6949	Rory Gallagher	Rory Gallagher
G056	6120	Rory Gallagher	Irish Tour '74 2
G057	7454	Rory Gallagher	Against The Grain
G058	7769	Rory Gallagher	The Story So Far	
G059	8395	Rory Gallagher	Calling Card
G060	8848	Rory Gallagher	Live	
G061	10231	Rory Gallagher	Photo-Finish
G062	10902	Rory Gallagher	Top Priority
G063	2010	Gallaird	Strange Pleasure	
G064	2653	Gallaird	New dawn	
G065	0560	The Javanese Gamelan Khjai Mendung	Music of the Venerable Dark Cloud	
G066	22317	Gallon Drunk	The Singles Bar
G067	22318	Gallon Drunk	You, The Night & The Music
G068	22681	Gallon Drunk	From The Heart Of Town
G069	24474	Gallon Drunk	In The Long Still Night	
G070	26203	Gallon Drunk	Fire Music	
G071	1585	Gamelan	Music from the Morning of the World	
G072	19165	Soliman Gamil	The Egyptian Music
G073	10992	Patrick Gammon	Don't Touch Me	
G074	22621	Gan	Do That Again	
G075	10541	Ron Warren Ganderton	Guitar Star	
G076	14462	The Ganelin Trio	New Wine	
G077	17745	Gang Green	Another Wasted Night
G078	20794	Gang Green	Older...Budweiser
G079	10994	Gang Of Four	Entertainment!
G080	12229	Gang Of Four	Solid Gold
G081	13301	Gang Of Four	Songs Of The Free
G082	14529	Gang Of Four	Hard
G083	21272	Gang Of Four	The Peel Sessions Album	
G084	20445	Gang Starr	No More Mr. Nice Guy	
G085	21755	Gang Starr	Step In The Arena
G086	24730	Ganger	Fore
G087	25463	Ganger	Hammock Style
G088	10753	Gangsters	The Gangsters	
G089	26156	Cecil Gant	Rock Little Baby	
G090	4534	The Gants	Road Runner
G091	6352	The Gap Band	Magician's Holiday	
G092	8813	The Gap Band	The Gap Band
G093	15902	The Gap Band	VI
G094	11686	Garbochock	Ritual	
G095	4172	Vin Garbutt	The Valley of Tees	
G096	6976	Vin Garbutt	The Young Tin Whistle Pest	
G097	8514	Vin Garbutt	King Gooden	
G098	3266	Jerry Garcia & Howard Wales	Hooterall?
G099	3512	Jerry Garcia	Garcia	
G100	5975	Jerry Garcia	Garcia	

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