OT [peel] Desperately Seeking... FRS 1981.10.09

so_it_goes_2512 so_it_goes_2512@...
Sat Jun 9 12:54:08 CEST 2012

> I have a complete recording of the show from the week after, the 16th. 
> Paul. 

Dear Paul, is there any chance you could upload this, please? Thanks in advance!
> This request is slightly off topic as we tend to obsess on Peel here but as people here had some FRS to share some kind soul from this group set up a FRS wiki here - http://fridayrockshow.wikia.com/wiki/1981.
> Mark

Gee, thanks for the appreciation Mark! If anybody else would like to help, please do. Likewise, any others with shows to share, please get in touch.

Steve (FRS Wiki) 

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