OT [peel] Desperately Seeking... FRS 1981.10.09

MARK LUETCHFORD M.Luetchford@...
Fri Jun 8 22:48:02 CEST 2012

This request is slightly off topic as we tend to obsess on Peel here but as people here had some FRS to share some kind soul from this group set up a FRS wiki here - http://fridayrockshow.wikia.com/wiki/1981 . The show you want hasn't been shared yet according to this page .... I had a similar (though less personal) request for a Peel mention of me and someone came up with the goods so don't despair. Your quest will succeed.


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Subject: [peel] Desperately Seeking... FRS 1981.10.09

Hi Chaps (and Chapesses),
Newie here, so my sincere apologies if I'm asking something stupid here, but has anyone already uploaded, or has lurking, a copy of the Friday Rock Show from 09.10.1981? 

It's an important one to me, as my Mum (now departed) had a request played for my birthday, but I never heard it, as I was out getting roaring drunk at the Phoenix Bar in Manchester. If anyone could help, I'd be ridiculously grateful.


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