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Stuart stuartb@...
Wed Jun 6 02:10:54 CEST 2012

Thanks Roger, and here are the Wiki links -
L225 contained 84 new minutes of 03 October 1992
<>  and L226 75 minutes of the
previously unavailable 06 November 1992
<>  .
L227a had 33 new minutes of 07 NOvember 1992
<>  and L227b had 46 minutes
of the previously unavailable 31 October 1992
<>  .
L228a is 37 minutes of the previously unavailable Berlin show of 10
October 1992 <>  and L228b is
an AK show.
L229a is another 38 minutes of the Berlin show and L229b another AK
Most of L230 is AK but at the end of side b there is 7 minutes of the
start of the already shared show of 26th September 1992.
Finally, L232a starts with 11 minutes of the previously shared 29
December 1991 followed by a new 26 minute segment of 25 January 1992
<>  . (Not 100% sure of the
order of the segments but I think I have it right).

OK bring on the next batch! (any in the pipeline Rocker?)


--- In, "bty997881" <unity.gain@...> wrote:
> Uploaded some more to my mooo page ( .../roger): L225 - L230 a/b and
> Again, a mixture of Peel and Kershaw shows, with the odd bit of Radio
3 creeping in - I've spared you the discussion on culinary herbs, but
did leave in some other world musicy thing, simply on the grounds that
it hands moments that I  think Peel and/or Kershaw would have approved
> Cheers
> Roger

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