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Here is the list for letter F

Fairport Convention  featured on TheSpace this time - and too many FAs... (e.g. Andy Fairweather-Low) to reach The Fall

I've included the position on the shelf (this is the first 100 albums sorted by artist - which is the way that they are
filed on Peel's shelves), the Peel card index number, artist, album - and then some links (Spotify, iTunes, Discogs)
Yahoo is sure to make a mess of some of this when it wraps the lines ... but it is TAB delimited - so easy for those
that want to import it into a spreadsheet. I've already put it in the wiki

There will be 100 a week - each starting with next letter in the alphabet.

ShelfPos	Index	Artist	Album	Links	Video
F001	12916	F.A.K.	Gruss Los	
F002	21993	F.U.S.	The Origin Of The Straw Dogs	
F003	22767	F.U.S.E.	Dimensional Intrusion	
F004	10076	F-Word	Like it or Not	
F005	3812	Fabien	Hold that Tiger	
F006	23353	Fabric	Body of Water
F007	20268	The Fabulous Dirt Sisters	Five Strong Swimmers	
F008	9210	Fabulous Poodles	Fabulous poodles	
F009	10288	Fabulous Poodles	Unsuitable	
F010	5262	The Fabulous Rhinestones	Freewheelin	
F011	5964	The Fabulous Rhinestones	The Fabulous Rhinestones	
F012	11237	The Fabulous Thunderbirds	The Fabulous Thunderbirds
F013	11415	The Fabulous Thunderbirds	What's the Word
F014	12241	The Fabulous Thunderbirds	Butt Rockin'
F015	13785	The Fabulous Thunderbirds	T-Bird Rhythm	
F016	4781	Faces	Ooh La La
F017	5496	Rod Stewart / Faces	Coast to Coast / Overture and beginners	
F018	2170	Faces	First Step
F019	2818	The Faces	Faces Long Player
F020	3461	Faces	A Nod's a good as a wink...
F021	3963	Faces	Plynth	
F022	12211	Faction	Faction	
F023	14841	The Faction	No Hidden Messages
F024	12841	Facrix	Scheintot	
F025	18483	Fadela	Etoile Du Rai	
F026	11915	Fad Gadget	Fireside Favourites
F027	12886	Fad Gadget	Incontinent
F028	14967	Fad Gadget	Gag
F029	20128	Faff-Bey	Back from the Grave	
F030	21840	Faff-Bey	Doesn't Feel Like Laughing	
F031	0495	John Fahey	Blind Joe Death
F032	0497	John Fahey	Dance of Death and other Plantation Favourites
F033	0498	John Fahey	“The Great San Bernardino Birthday Party and other Excursions
F034	499	John Fahey	The transfiguration of Blind Jo Death
F035	0500	John Fahey	Day Have Gone By
F036	0501	John Fahey	Requia
F037	0502	John Fahey	The Yellow Princess
F038	0503	John Fahey	The new Possibility
F039	2566	John Fahey	The Voice of the Turtle
F040	3706	John Fahey	America
F041	4191	John Fahey	Of Rivers and Religion
F042	5097	John Fahey & His Orchestra	After the Ball
F043	5098	John Fahey	Fare Forward Voyagers (Soldiers Choice)	
F044	7624	John Fahey	Old-Fashioned Love
F045	8642	John Fahey	Christmas with John Fahey Vol.II	
F046	9409	John Fahey	The Best Of John Fahey
F047	12089	John Fahey	Yes! Jesus Loves Me	
F048	14067	John Fahey	Live in Tasmania
F049	15570	John Fahey	Let Go
F050	16909	John Fahey	Rain Forests, Oceans and Other Themes
F051	17435	John Fahey	Railroad 1	
F052	18143	John Fahey	Visits Washington D.C.	
F053	18144	John Fahey	Popular Songs of Christmas & New Year's	
F054	18958	John Fahey	I Remember Blind Joe Death
F055	19193	John Fahey	Yes! Jesus Loves Me	
F056	19927	Jad Fair & Kramer	Roll Out the Barrell
F057	19992	Jad Fair	Great Expectations 1 & 2	
F058	22316	Jad Fair	I Like it when you Smile	
F059	24336	Jad Fair & Phono-Comb	Monsters, Lullabies & The Occasional Flying Saucer
F060	25380	Jad Fair & Yo La Tengo	Strange but True	
F061	7138	Yvonne Fair	The Bitch is Black
F062	2337	Fairfield Parlour	From Home to Home
F063	19569	Fairground Attraction	The Fist of a Million Kisses
F064	22385	Andy Fairley	System Vertigo	
F065	26531	Fairmount	Paper Stars
F066	0504	Fairport Convention	Fairport Convention
F067	0505	Fairport Convention	What we did on our Holidays
F068	0506	Fairport Convention	Unhalfbricking
F069	1987	Fairport Convention	Leige and Lief
F070	2367	Fairport Convention	Full House
F071	3080	Fairport Convention	Angel Delight
F072	3449	Fairport Convention	Babbacombe' Lee
F073	4448	Fairport Convention	The History of... 1
F074	4449	Fairport Convention	The History of... 2
F075	4636	Fairport Convention	Rosie
F076	5238	Fairport Convention	Nine
F077	6075	Fairport Convention	Live
F078	7100	Fairport Convention	Rising for the Moon
F079	7446	Fairport Convention	Tour Sampler	
F080	8210	Fairport Convention	Fairport Chronicles #1	
F081	8211	Fairport Convention	Fairport Chronicles #2	
F082	8652	Fairport Convention	At The L.A. Troubador
F083	8048	Fairport Convention	Gottle O' Geer
F084	9891	Fairport Convention	Tipplers Tales
F085	11194	Fairport Convention	Farewell, Farewell	
F086	16522	Fairport Convention	Gladys' Leap	
F087	17672	Fairport Convention	House Full
F088	17681	Fairport Convention	Expletive Delighted!
F089	18862	Fairport Convention	Heyday	
F090	7450	Fair Weather	Beginning from an End
F091	6188	Andy Fairweather-Low	Spider Jiving	
F092	7236	Andy Fairweather-Low	La Booga Rooga	
F093	8471	Andy Fairweather-Low	Be-Bop 'N' Hoila	
F094	11578	Andy Fairweather-Low	Mega-Shebang	
F095	4883	Adam Faith	On the Move	
F096	6207	Adam Faith	I Survive	
F097	9304	George Faith	To Be A Lover	
F098	22446	Th' Faith healers	Lido
F099	22887	Th' Faith Healers	Imaginary Friend
F100	7376	Faith, Hope & Charity	Faith, Hope & Charity	

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