[peel] Sebadoh sessions

michael stoecker michstoecker@...
Sun Sep 14 23:31:55 CEST 2008

Here's the Sebadoh 1994 Peel Session -


I'm sure Yahoo will cut the link into two parts, just make sure to cut and paste them back together.



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            No Probs!
I'm glad to be able to contribute something at last.
Remember, if anybody has the 1994 session, that's be great to hear.

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Hi Stephen
I would love to hear Fast Times at Riot Grrl High - I only have a live version on a vinyl bootleg and haven't heard the definitive "reading" for years!

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Subject: [peel] Sebadoh sessions

A friend of mine is desperate to hear the Sebadoh peel session 10/4/94 
in which they perform a cover of 'Crest' by Stereolab. Unfortunately 
i've only got the 1993 session. (I've checked through the torrent 
packs but it doesn't appear to be in there)

So 2 things :-
1. has anybody got the 1994 session?
2. Does Anybody want me to upload the 1993 session (its a good one it 
contains 'Fast times at Riot Grrl High')


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