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There's only one Kenny Garner, only onnnnne Kennnnnny Garnnnnner!!
Encore encore!!

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John Peel is Jakki Brambles!

By popular request here is Peel's complete first lunchtime show from Easter Monday 1993, 
5th April. An unusual experience of course, but I think he really nails it. It may be heresy 
here to say so, but I kinda like hearing his choice of stuff interspersed with the Madonna 
and pop dance. Peel always resisted the `alternative' tag, preferring to describe what he 
offered as a `supplement' to the charts. And he had done top 40 breakfast shows in 
America and knows how to hold a show together at this pace. There are only really 4 
ghastly records in the whole 2.25 hrs I think, although we might debate which ones they 
are. And he delivers several natty features: a Camille Howard stride piano track, a classic 
Peel Session, a P J Harvey track, and an awful European football club song each day. If 
there is massed cheering, I could always rip the other 5 days sometime soon. This show 
also contains his celebrated put down of Chris Isaak, to be savoured by all, and a delightful 
moment in the album chart Top 10 rundown: "Eric Clapton: Unplugged - if only"


PEEL IS BRAMBLES show 1: 1993-04-05a, 12.45-1.30pm
http://www.megauplo ad.com/?d= DYXW1XGE

part 2, 1993-04-05b, 1.30-2.15pm
http://www.megauplo ad.com/?d= G43R4OIW

part 3, 1993-04-05c, 2.15-3pm
http://www.megauplo ad.com/?d= 2JD490N4



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