Archiving the tapes

bty997881 roger.carruthers@...
Thu Sep 4 11:33:56 CEST 2008

Before committing my first batch to DVD and returning them to Rocker, I just want to confirm 
that we're all reading from the same playlist wrt archiving, ie. the .flac copies are just 
straight recordings, as they come, and not to be tweaked in any way, right ?

 The reason I ask is that although it would be normal practice when archiving /not/ to do any 
EQ , pitch correction, noise reduction etc. I'm just wondering where we stand on, say a tape 
that becomes one-legged in parts, ie. one channel fades to virtually nothing but noise? As 
these are all mono recordings, I would normally correct this, but wondered whether you'd 
prefer it just as it is (for the archive copy) ?

 I will almost certainly clean up the .mp3 copies I upload, but I'm assuming the archive 
copies exist simply as insurance against the million things that can, and too frequently do, 
go wrong with tapes,

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