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Yes, it was a popular "Party Piece".  I have the Loudon Wainwright
performance at Peel Acres when he did the impression whilst Loudon was
singing "Colours" (the popular song about dog shit), and then demonstrated
it again afterwards.

I just dug out the files and uploaded them to my Fileden account.  If anyone
wants to have a listen they're here:

Warning:  these are quite long URLs - likely to get split in transit -
you'll have to use your initiative to join them back together again  ;-)



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> Michael,
> I have at least one instance of this: when Nina Nastasia was doing one
> of her Peel Acres sessions, accompanied by throat singers Hun Huur Tu
> (sp?), Peel demonstrated that very thing. I'll have a look for you
> Eddie.
> Michael Jennings wrote:
> >
> > I know this is the sort of question we used to ask peel himself but;
> > Can you pin-point any show in which peel does his passable impression
> > of a fox barking? I ask this as my wife heard an urban fox bark
> > tonight (next door has chickens) and I recall peel was always willing
> > to indulge us with his fox-barking repertoire�and rightly so.
> >
> >

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