[peel] Re: "Gonna bring the birch back to stop home-taping"

Graeme Anderson anderson@...
Sat Dec 29 01:58:09 CET 2007

I think I've managed to get the recent shows downloaded, so if any of you
are missing something, I'll see if I can repost them somewhere.or should we
wait for the johnpeeleveryday blog to do it for all of us.


Let me know




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> I've begun re-posting Andrew's recent contributions that have
> mysteriously died: "Cancelled by uploader"!!? Surely some mistake
> there I think.

Thanks, I downloaded most of them, but I was too late for the last 
part of 1998 so I'll be looking forward to a repost of 1998pt3b.zip

I've made torrents for the '84 and '97 files:




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