[peel] Re: Festive facts (an early Xmas gift)

Riving Ton deedeeramain@...
Fri Dec 21 10:30:52 CET 2007

Wow! Treasure in Andrews loft!

I can only imagine that those tapes are guarded by the skeletons of the hapless knaves that helped you haul your chest of tapes up there! Dead men tell no tales!
Wouldn't that make a cool artifact for Tomb Raider?! Lara Croft climbs into a turret of Croft Manor via a hidden trap door to find a stash of her dad's Peel tapes!

(Sorry, I'm far too immature for my age!)


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"W 23/12 F50 40-31, session details unknown"

As luck would have it, I've got the 22/12 show to hand, and at the end 
of it he says that the following night's sessions would be:

Bogshed, MC Duke, Bad Dress Sense, Ivor Cutler, The Great Leap Forward 
and The Capitols.

That may or may not be correct, I'll have to get the next night's show 
out of the loft to confirm. I might be able to fill in some of the 
other sessions gaps over Christmas too.


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