[peel] BFBS???

mickcapewell mickcapewell@...
Wed Dec 19 14:52:05 CET 2007

I think I have a few of them somewhere, but I think they are from a later period than the ones your probably really after. If I can find them again though I'll let you know and probably stick them on rapidshare or something.

**** Cheers, but obviously don't put yourself out over this :-) Yeah, I'd really be most interested in the 79-82 period for personal reasons. I haven't a clue how much longer the series continued anyway. I know that loads of Germans used to tape them back then. I knew a fellow named Rheinhardt who worked in the Berliner Bank back then. He used to have friends in the UK who would tape Peel's Radio 1 shows and then post them to him in Germany. They were like gold dust :-)
Obviously the 1981-82 shows I remember a lot because I used to have to play them on BFBS Belize, although our ancient tape machines had a habit of dropping the tapes off the spool halfway through every programme, but we never minded when that happened during The Archers, or Just a Minute ;-)

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