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Mon Dec 17 20:18:21 CET 2007

Hi all

I just wondered if there are any of Peel's BFBS (British Forces 
Broadcasting Service) shows floating about in tape-land anywhere? I 
used to listen to them regularly in the late-70s/ early 80s when I 
was stationed in Berlin (79-81) and later, Belize (81-82) where I 
actually 'worked' as a DJ at the BFBS station.
BTW, just before I left Belize, a gent named Robert Neal (or Neil) 
joined the station as Controller. This was an attempt to upgrade the 
standard of professionalism as previously a Royal Signals Sergeant 
was in charge of the whole she-bang. Robert was (I guess) in his 60s 
but thought he was quite 'with-it' in a flowery cravat sort of way. 
He claimed to have worked with Peel in some capacity (I can't 
remember what) but I've never seen any mention of him anywhere. 
Anyone know of him?
He was a decent chap, with flowing white hair a la Michael Winner. I 
remember him sitting behind me as an observer during one of my all-
night shows (which made me incredibly nervous). "Your levels are 
good" he said afterwards (Phew!) :-)
Anyway...I wouldn't mind hearing some of those old "John Peel's 
Music" shows ("Hi, I'm John Peel and this is some of my music"...cue 
the Duh-duh-duh duh-duh-duh PIL theme tune) for nostalgia's sake, if 
any still exist.

Mick C

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