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Wed Dec 5 14:00:48 CET 2007

These links have now expired. Any chance that someone could repost them?

And <pontypoolie@...> wrote:                               
 > And oops, she now finds it's actually Peelenium 1986 (TX TX Th 
 > 16/12/99, or possibly Tues 21/12/99) that R1 doesn't have in the 
 > archive, not 1985!
 > ken
 I've just listened to /converted this show from cassette to wav/mp3. 
 I'm in the process of creating a yousendit link (taking a while) but 
 I'm not sure if it's frowned upon to post them directly to this 
 message board. If so, I'll pass it on to one of the other sites for 
 general distribution.
 I vividly remember listening to this show at the time because Peel 
 is distraught at the start of the show as he passes on the news of 
 the death of Teddy Warwick who he describes as being a 2nd father to 
 him. If you google his name, there is VERY little to show for his 
 efforts, which seems a real shame if you listen to Peel's comments 
 in this show.
 The show has the Pacinos in session and the 1986 Peelenium incl Salt 
 n Pepa, not the Fall, as it stated on the bbcwebpage at the time
 Can someone let me know if its ok to post links here direct please?
 Does this torrent dvd collection include the entire Peelenium? If 
 there are any gaps I may be able to help fill them.
PPS The first link has just finished so here it is, the first � of 
 the show
 I'll do the other one soon, unless I'm in bother...


And <pontypoolie@...> wrote:                               ok, here's part 2
 like i said, if i'm causing any bother posting these here, let me know 
 and i'll post them elsewhere

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