Dandelion Radio

Andrew Dean koogy@...
Fri Jun 2 10:31:16 CEST 2006

am enjoying what i've heard of Dandelion radio BUT because i listen to 2 
hours at the same time of day every day and because it's 8 hours broadcast 
on a loop i end up hearing the same 2 hours every time. today i thought i'd 
get around this by listening to it first thing but, because that's about 8 
hours earlier than normal, it's the same bit again! maybe if they made the 
next one 7 hours long, or 9, it'd all work out ok. 

i also dig the Pig's Big 78s more than i thought i would. the spoken word, 
novelty things are beginning to chafe (worth hearing once or twice) but the 
musical bits are all different kinds of great. nice new (to me) pictures in 
the booklets too. 

have also just realised that 'D'ye Ken John Peel' (part of one of the 
tracks) is also the music for the Country Life butter adverts. 


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