[peel] One World To End

Paul Webster paul@...
Sat Jul 1 12:01:07 CEST 2006

> At 09:46 01/07/2006, you wrote:
> >Do you meant One Music or One World? If Rob and Hugh's shows are being
> >axed then this is a huge scandal - those programs (with the essential
> >Louise producing) are the only ones remotely fit to lace Peel's boots.
> Actually One Music but the weekend shows are being messed about with too
> Colin Murray has  a new show 10PM to midnight Mon - Thurs
> Rob leaves Radio 1 altogether - no news on Huw
> Steve Lamacq's show has presumably gone too
> Off course Lamacq and Huw both have other stations to return to
> At the moment all there is is the press release which is mostly
> about Murray
Here is some more text from the document that was linked to at the start of
this thread.
Other text in there does mention a couple of people that are moving on - but
no mention of Rob and Huw ... however, they might be 2 of the "specialists"
referred to below who are doing the new one hour show:
Colin Murray to present a brand new music show, Monday to Thursday from

The introduction of four In New Music We Trust shows hosted by some of Radio
1's key musical experts.

Running Monday to Thursday from 21:00, the In New Music We Trust shows will
act as one stop guides to everything that's happening in a particular genre
fronted by the experts in that field.

The signing of new specialist talent Eddie Halliwell and Trophy Twins.

An extension to the specialist music output by four hours per week.
quote end:


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