[peel] One World To End

Martin Wheatley martin2@...
Sat Jul 1 02:15:03 CEST 2006

At 00:35 01/07/2006, you wrote:

>Oh groan!!!! I'm not bothered who the dj is. For me John Peel was the 
>irreplaceable topping and his genuine love of music shon through. It just 
>needs someone bothered enough and open minded enough about new music to 
>listen to as much new varied stuff as possible. John was on a permanent 
>guilt trip for not listening to enough though he did all he could 
>listening and playing new stuff. Its not the erm personality dj we need 
>just someone who genuinely loves new varied music.

Well I think we can say with some certainty you aren't going to get that 
from Colin Murray - variations on Arctic Monkeys is probably as far as it goes!


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