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Sun Sep 5 19:31:00 CEST 2004

I was recommended the Red Guitars. I know 'Good Technology' was in a Festive 
50 but I've never heard it. Any fans here? I'll probably get Slow To Fade...
The Four Brothers record I bought recently is glued to my stereo. What else 
should I investigate where the guitar is the dominant force of the music? Kanda 
Bongo Man?


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> It's almost certainly irrelevant to the question, but wasn't the 3rd 
> Bhundu Boys album called 'Jit Jive'? They spent a lot of time in the 
> Scottish Borders, close by the home of 'King of Caledonian Cajun 
> Swing' Champion Doug Veitch.
> I was hoping a brainwave was going to take me to Johnny Marr in the 
> required 6 degrees, but I'm struggling - though I've always thought 
> some of the Ron Johnson bands had a bit of a 'jit'  feel to them. (I 
> said "a bit").
> On that tack, I saw Edwyn Collins the other night and there's that 
> kind of feel to some of his stuff, but since he had Zeke Manyika on 
> many of his albums that's no great  surprise.
> Stuart
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