Zimbabwean Jit guitar

Stuart McHugh stuart@...
Sat Sep 4 20:01:02 CEST 2004

>I've been wondering if anyone knows of any so-called 'indie' bands,
>particular British groups from the past that were guitar-led and 
>strongly influenced by
>African guitar styles, particularly Zimbabwean Jit, or maybe just had a
>passing resemblance to it.

It's almost certainly irrelevant to the question, but wasn't the 3rd 
Bhundu Boys album called 'Jit Jive'? They spent a lot of time in the 
Scottish Borders, close by the home of 'King of Caledonian Cajun 
Swing' Champion Doug Veitch.
I was hoping a brainwave was going to take me to Johnny Marr in the 
required 6 degrees, but I'm struggling - though I've always thought 
some of the Ron Johnson bands had a bit of a 'jit'  feel to them. (I 
said "a bit").
On that tack, I saw Edwyn Collins the other night and there's that 
kind of feel to some of his stuff, but since he had Zeke Manyika on 
many of his albums that's no great  surprise.


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