Slightly off topic

Alan Ford alan@...
Sun Mar 28 00:26:17 CET 2004

The Japan Times / Feb 18th / Unpeeling Melt-BananaSorry this is not directly
Peelie related, although one was in The Fall, and the other used to work on
Peel Sessions ..

Did anyone record the last Mark & Lard show on Friday? Or can anyone with
better technical competence and capability than me d0wnl0@d it to CD for me?
All I have to offer is blank discs/tapes, an SAE, and eternal gratitude.
For anyone who missed it (ie anyone with a job, probably), there was a
hilarious version of Wings' Mull Of Kintyre.
Well, I found it funny, anyway. The gag is that they're playing it on the
original vinyl, but it jumps a bit and comes out as "Mull o' F'kin Tyre".
As I say, it made me laugh.
For anyone who wants to hear it, it was just over an hour into the show.
Having a creaky old Windows 95 machine with no sound card and 2 bytes of
memory I can't access the archives.
There was also a quite funny song by Travis.

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