[peel] Laura Cantrell at Peel Acres last Christmas

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>Does anyone have the track listing for Laura Cantrell's session at
>Peel Acres on 23rd December 2003? I missed a couple of song titles and
>they're not in the Radio 1 Tracklistings.

1.  Pretty Paper 
2.  The New Year's Resolution
3.  Oh So Many Years
4.  I Still Miss Someone  (with Gordon McIntyre of Ballboy)   

Laura doesn't seem to have a lot of confidence in her own songwriting 
ability, but I thought her own composition "The New Year's Resolution" 
was the best of this set.

"Pretty Paper" is the well known song by Willie Nelson (popularised by 
Roy Orbison);  "Oh So Many Years" appears on the "Roses" album and is 
credited to Frankie Bailes;  "I Still Miss Someone" is a Johnny Cash 


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