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> On Monday, February 9, 2004, at 11:28  am, peel@yahoogroups.com 
> > What a fantasic article about Mr Peel (nee Ravenscroft) in the
> > Evening Standard this week.
> > "like Tony Blair his' pretty straight kinda guy' persona rings 
> > because behind the interminably wry, self effacing exterior lies 
> > cynical oppurtunist with a major pulic school education,
> > whose "hipness" doesnt prevent him from presenting insincere, 
> > hinterland-before-senility trash, nor voicing just about any and
> > every TV ad and docu soap series hes offered"
> This is Victor Lewis-Smith criticising someone for working on 
> television in an article he's writing in *the* *evening* 
> Oh, and Peel turns down adverts all the time - there's a lucrative 
> trade in 'sounds a bit like peel voiceovers'  (see: pepparami, for 
> example) picking up the work he refuses on ethical  grounds
> >

It is also on record that John only does voiceovers on ads for 
products that he uses.

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