[peel] Victor Lewis Smith

Jon jmsmall@...
Sun Feb 8 18:51:57 CET 2004

diamondgeeezer wrote:
> What a fantasic article about Mr Peel (nee Ravenscroft) in the
> Evening Standard this week.
> "like Tony Blair his' pretty straight kinda guy' persona rings false
> because behind the interminably wry, self effacing exterior lies a
> cynical oppurtunist with a major pulic school education,
> whose "hipness" doesnt prevent him from presenting insincere, insipid
> hinterland-before-senility trash, nor voicing just about any and
> every TV ad and docu soap series hes offered"
> Umm, seems i'm not alone then !

Does this text appear as green on anyone else's computer?

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