Alan Stevenson

Marcelle van Hoof mar.celle@...
Wed Sep 17 22:53:05 CEST 2003

Sorry I sent this to the entire group!

Dear Alan,

my e-mails to you get blocked and not delivered to you  by a 'Chinese Wall' since yesterday..... Don't know what's happenig. I don't seem to be having troubles with viruses or something. all my other e-mails in and out go fine!

Anyway, i've sent off your package to you today... Let me know when you received it!
The Mogwai at the Melkweg gig md is on LP2 speed, you can copy it yourself and sent it back to me....
I've added a Yeah Yeah Yeah Noh session plus a gig by The Kills (in Paradiso)
Some older gigs (i.e. first half of Dead Kennedys 1982, Stiff Llittle Fingers 1979, Ramones 1980) were transferred by me from old reel-to-reel to minidisc, so sound quality is not brilliant, but still okay (i don't care that much about sound quality anyway; the Fall's first records (and Are you are missing winner....) sound great to me! It's the ideas and energy that counts! 

Anyway, hope to hear from you, esp. about why my e-mails don't reach you suddenly anymore 


PS Hello Rocker!  

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