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Sat Aug 30 13:43:49 CEST 2003

Dear Marcelle,

I expect it will be a tall order to have someone send Peel to you on
minidisc regularly (I don't keep it on minidisc) and your best bet would
still probably be to have a go at listening to it on-line. The Peel page
makes this relatively straightforward so once you've got the hang of it
you shouldn't find it particularly intimidating. Perhaps cost is a 
factor here though.

Alternatively you could look into the possibility of receiving the shows
on digital satellite TV. As far as I know the BBC radio programmes will
continue to be broadcast unencrypted on Sky (Channel 851) for the
foreseeable future, and this is a service it is possible to receive in 
the UK for free. If you have access to satellite, it should be possible 
to pick it up in the Netherlands as well as we can in eastern England.

But the on-line version is by far the easiest way of getting it. At the
expense of quality, perhaps, but as you say, that's not the entire 
charm of Peel's shows.

best wishes
David Clifford

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