Programmes on minidisc

Marcelle van Hoof mar.celle@...
Fri Aug 29 16:38:10 CEST 2003

Hello everyone,

I'm an avid Peel-listener from Holland. Unfortunately BBC1 will be removed from the Amsterdam cable-system next week. I'd like to ask if anyone can send me the (complete) Peel-programmes on minidisc and that I'll send them back after I've copied them. Also I've got hundreds of live-tapes (from 'Peel-bands' from 1977 till now) from concerts/sessions in Holalnd in return/exchange.
I hope that anyone can help me, as I will really gona miss his (attempts at) playing adventurous records (in the right speed) and Grandmaster Gareth!

hope to hear from you,.

Marcelle van Hoof

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