Thanks for Mogwai! New questions about The Fall; Boyracer and FGTH!!

Mark Webb aouv78@...
Tue Sep 24 11:20:49 CEST 2002

> The Peel Session recorded by Frankie Goes to Hollywood has 
> versions of their early tracks (and shows they could just about 
> their instruments). Has this ever been released in any official 
> If not, does anyone have a means of getting the session onto CDR? I 
> will pay through the nose for a copy!! (caveat as above).
> Sorry to go on, but with one question answered within hours I 
> I would push my luck ....
> Trevor Huddleston

I think I have that session somewhere on tape. Could rip it to CD-R 
if I can find it. Any others you're after to fill it up?


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