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Wed Nov 27 04:01:44 CET 2002

At 8:27 AM +0000 11/26/02, wrote:
>Subject: RE: Melt-Banana
>Hear it by typing or pasting this address into RealPlayer:
>Hi Tom
>How on earth did you manage to get the above address?

I lucked into it... The Mac version of RealPlayer automatically leaves an icon on the desktop when a site is visited for the first time ( I think the PC equivalent is "shortcut" - even though Apple though of it first , ha ha). I keep a folder of these icons - they're handy 'cos I can double click on one and it launches real audio, dials the modem, plays the file in one step.

If I force open the icon in a word processor I see what the RSTP address is. I never expected the MB session to play but there it was. I have no other Peel session links saved, sorry.

>Is there a formula for searching for old sessions not currently listed on
>I'd be eternally grateful for an answer.

If there was some old session you were looking for maybe you could type into google the name of the band and "Radio 1" and "Peel session" and etc and see if Google still has the old webpage on file in its cache (the cache is google's way of letting you see what Google saw long ago even tho the link might currently be obsolete.) Could you then look at the source code of the old cached page...?

It might work....


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