Digest Number 557

Stuart McHugh stuart@...
Wed Nov 27 10:25:44 CET 2002

>It should also be pointed out that the very best
>method for downloading these Real Audio files is with
>a program called "StreamBoxVCR Suite".  This is able
>to download files via the RTSP protocol, which is
>something your average downloader cannot do.  Once you
>drop the correct link into this program, it will
>download the source file onto your computer and using
>an included utility called "StreamBox Ripper" you can
>convert this to MP3 or Wav.  Extremely useful and
>saves the hassle of dealing with Real Player at all.

unfortunately this is a PC-only  program (.exe). You can try Audion 3 
which has (as a trial) stream recording built-in - 


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