Lift To Experience shows cancelled

Rob Strong rob-bl@...
Mon May 6 15:43:04 CEST 2002

sorry for the cross-posting, and lack of relevance in some cases. please
pass on to anywhere you may feel it is relevant.

from Simon Raymonde:
"on sunday morning may 5 at about 2am, I was awoken by the news that  josh
'bear browning from Lift To Experience's wife had died back home in Denton,
The band were in ireland preparing for their first show on the european
tour. We are all in state of shock at young Aani's death and the
circumstances at this stage are still unclear.
The band have had to fly home and the shows will have to be

We appreciate everyone's understanding in this shocking and extreme case.
We have told as many people as we can, but with it being bank holiday it is
not so easy."

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