Festive 50

Andy Smith andy.smith@...
Fri Jan 11 11:17:56 CET 2002

No discussion of this year's Festive 50 then? I was quite surprised, as
a regular listener, how many tracks I didn't know. There was some 
disappointingly low-quality stuff in there (bloody Mogwai) and I didn't
really think Melys deserved the no. 1 slot. I like the song, but I just 
don't think it's no. 1 material. No. 15 maybe, with 14 better songs above 
it, now that would have been a good chart. Still, I suppose it's often 
the way that something fairly inoffensive rises to the top because everyone
votes for such a disparate range of stuff.

Otherwise, the Strokes and White Stripes were obviously gonna be there, 
the two Belle and Sebastian tracks were the wrong way round (in fact why
was the higher one there at all - it had no tune), Half Man Half Biscuit
and The Fall will ALWAYS be there (at least until some gentlemen of a 
certain age die off), blah blah blah.


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