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Apologies for any duplicate mails, but this is an all day gig in aid of
the homeless charity shelter.  there's some great bands playing and
it's all for a good cause so hope you don't mind me passing the word


What:  Audioscope '02 with Pram, Nought, Appliance, Cat On Form,
Souvaris, Dustball, Eeebleee, Fighting Red Adair, Sunnyvale Noise
When:  Saturday 7th September
Where: The Zodiac, Cowley Road, Oxford

....>>>>....AUDIOSCOPE news update...>>>>>....
Ticket information
First of all, a reminder that tickets are now available from a few
different places. First of all, you can call into the Zodiac box
office any time between 1.00 pm and 6.00 pm from Monday to Saturday,
where advance tickets are available for just �5 (tickets will cost �6
the door).

You can contact the box office on 01865 420042.
Tickets are also available simply by clicking on this link:
This will take you directly to the page for buying AUDIOSCOPE tickets
on oxfordmusic.net's new website for gig tickets. You can order tickets
from here right up until the day of the gig itself, since all you'll
need to bring along is a print-out of your confirmation e-mail to get
There will be passouts on the day, which will allow you to leave the
venue and come back in at any point during the day until 8.30pm, when
you'll need to be back inside. Everyone at AUDIOSCOPE will also get a
programme, which (amongst other things) will contain the stage times
for each band so you can make sure you don't miss your favourites.

AUDIOSCOPE in the news
As well as last week's radio interviews, AUDIOSCOPE also features in
this month's issue of The Wire, in which the day is recommended as a
special event.
This month's edition of the Oxford music magazine Nightshift also
contains details of the AUDIOSCOPE compilation CD as well as a
preview of the day as 'a chance to experience the songs they don't play
on the radio and maybe discover something new and strange to love' as
well as 'an admirable showcase of some of the best leftfield musical
talents from Oxford and around the country.'


For those of you new to the mailing list, the lineup is confirmed as

   * Pram (http://www.dominorecordco.com)
   * Nought (http://www.noughtmusic.com)
   * Appliance (http://www.appliance-music.com)
   * eeebleee (http://www.eeebleee.com)
   * Cat On Form (http://www.diskant.net/catonform)
   * Fighting Red Adair (http://www.diskant.net/newbands/fra.htm)
   * Souvaris (http://www.souvaris.com)
   * Dustball (http://www.dustball.co.uk)
   * Sunnyvale Noise Sub-element
More information about all of the bands is available at
http://www.audioscope.co.uk, or at their own websites.
Until next time, hope to see you next weekend,
Further information
Shelter: http://www.shelter.org.uk
AUDIOSCOPE: http://www.audioscope.co.uk
The Zodiac: http://www.the-zodiac.co.uk
Ticket sales: http://www.oxfordmusic.net
diskant: http://www.diskant.net/zine

vacuous pop recordings:
vpop01: cat on form, debut ep, 'a butterfly kiss the tar of a thousand births' available now

vpop02: dustball, 'name & number', available september


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