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AP World - General News

                        BBC nominates 100 greatest Britons 
                        Wed Aug 21,10:08 AM ET

                        LONDON - Princess Diana is in, Prince Charles is out. 

                         John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison are on the list of the 100
                        greatest Britons of all time released Wednesday, but Ringo is not. 

                        Richard Burton made it, but Elizabeth Taylor didn't. 

                        The British Broadcasting Corp. polled more than 30,000 people to come up with the
                        list, in which John Lydon (better known as Sex Pistol Johnny Rotten) and Boy George
                        mingle with Winston Churchill, Isaac Newton and Tim Berners Lee, the father of the

                        Stretching eligibility to all of the British Isles, the list also includes two Irish rockers,
                        Bono of U2 and Bob Geldof. 

                        The BBC2 television channel plans a series of programs later in the year to choose
                        a top 10. 

                        "I'm sure this series will arouse enthusiastic debate in offices and homes all around
                        the country. Just from talking to people I've got a real sense of how passionately they
                        feel about the subject and who they feel is worthy of the title of Great Briton," said
                        Jane Root, comptroller of BBC2. 

                        The top 100, in alphabetical order: 

                        Alfred the Great 

                        Julie Andrews 

                        King Arthur. 

                        David Attenborough 

                        Jane Austen 

                        Charles Babbage 

                        Lord Baden Powell 

                        Douglas Bader 

                        David Beckham 

                        Alexander Graham Bell 

                        Tony Benn 

                        Tim Berners Lee 

                        Aneurin Bevan 

                        Tony Blair ( news - web sites) 

                        William Blake 

                        William Booth 


                        David Bowie 

                        Richard Branson 

                        Robert the Bruce 

                        Isambard Kingdom Brunel 

                        Richard Burton 

                        Donald Campbell 

                        William Caxton 

                        Charlie Chaplin 

                        Geoffrey Chaucer 

                        Leonard Cheshire 

                        Winston Churchill 

                        James Connolly 

                        Captain James Cook 

                        Michael Crawford 

                        Oliver Cromwell 

                        Aleister Crowley 

                        Charles Darwin 

                        Diana, Princess of Wales 

                        Charles Dickens 

                        Francis Drake 

                        King Edward I 

                        Edward Elgar 

                        Queen Elizabeth I 

                        Queen Elizabeth II ( news - web sites) 

                        Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother 

                        Michael Faraday 

                        Guy Fawkes 

                        Alexander Fleming 

                        Bob Geldof 

                        Owain Glyndwr 

                        George Harrison 

                        John Harrison 

                        Stephen Hawking 

                        King Henry II 

                        King Henry V 

                        King Henry VIII 

                        Paul Hewson (Bono) 

                        Edward Jenner 

                        T.E. Lawrence 

                        John Lennon 

                        David Livingstone 

                        David Lloyd George 

                        John Logie Baird 

                        John Lydon (Johnny Rotten) 

                        James Clerk Maxwell 

                        Paul McCartney 

                        Freddie Mercury 

                        Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery 

                        Bobby Moore 

                        Thomas More 

                        Eric Morecambe 

                        Admiral Horatio Nelson 

                        Isaac Newton 

                        Florence Nightingale 

                        George O'Dowd (Boy George) 

                        Thomas Paine 

                        Emmeline Pankhurst 

                        John Peel 

                        Enoch Powell 

                        Walter Raleigh 

                        Steve Redgrave 

                        King Richard III 

                        Cliff Richard 

                        J.K. Rowling ( news - web sites) 

                        Robert Falcon Scott 

                        Ernest Shackleton 

                        William Shakespeare 

                        George Stephenson 

                        Marie Stopes 

                        Margaret Thatcher 

                        William Tindale 

                        J.R.R. Tolkien 

                        Alan Turing 

                        Queen Victoria 

                        William Wallace 

                        Barnes Wallis 

                        James Watt 

                        Unknown soldier 

                        Duke of Wellington 

                        John Wesley 

                        Frank Whittle 

                        William Wilberforce 

                        Robbie Williams 

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