[peel] Howard Cosell track - Mogwai?

Rob Strong rob-bl@...
Wed Aug 14 10:18:25 CEST 2002

From: "wire100trevor" <trevor_huddleston@...>

> A few years ago, I heard a session track that sampled the "legendary"
> US sports presenter Howard Cosell. I am pretty sure that it was done
> by Mogwai and that because of problems of clearing the sample the
> track would never be released. Can anyone confirm my memory or
> correct it?

The Mogwai track is called 'Helps Both Ways' and samples John Madden. You're
correct in saying that they were refused permission to use the sample, and
the track appeared on their 'Come On Die Young' album with a different
commentary sample. As far as I'm aware, the track never formed part of a
Peel session, but it was part of the set Mogwai played at Chemikal
Underground's 5th birthday party, which Peel broadcast in March 2000.

For more info than anyone could possibly need on Mogwai:


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