[peel] Circle UK Tour

ady foley adyfoley@...
Fri Oct 5 19:53:10 CEST 2001

I saw them last night and they really are very good.  They rocked out
very nicely and were a pleasant surprise.  Nice folks too.
AMT were also very good.  I think I might go and see them again in
London too.

If you can, then go and see them. highly recommended.

Hope the peel session comes to fruition too

--- Goofy Kent <goofy@...> wrote:
> Anyway, if any of you have ever heard Circle on the show or their
> albums,
> and kinda liked it, I advise you to go and check them live. In my
> opinion,
> they haven�t yet succeeded in capturing their hypnotic and
> mesmerizing live
> sound on record. And the current line-up of Circle just may be their
> best
> yet!
> Cheers,
> G-man

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