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Fri Feb 16 02:59:04 CET 2001

I just had a major diaster - my hard disk which I have saved most of 
my favourite sessions and live recordings over the last three years 
crashed when I was in the process of saving some of those sessions 
onto CD-R. I wonder if anyone who have the following sessions 
(whatever format - CD, MD or tape) can e-mail me off the list. I have 
managed to get quite a number of the sessions over the last six 
months on CD-R so I will be happy to swap those with anyone who can 
help me on that, or I can alternatively pay for that.

The list ...

Sportique - 6/2/2001, 10/6/98 (rpt 22/11/98), 22/9/99
Half Man Half Biscuit 24/2/98 (rpt 14/5/98), 9/9/99, 7/10/99
Delgados 16/7/97 (rpt 20/11/97), 1/10/97, 1/7/98
Dustball 20/1/98 (rpt 14/4/98)
Cinerama 16/7/98 (rpt 3/12/98), 6/5/99, 2/9/99, 2/11/99, 14/6/00
Khaya 24/8/99
Inter 12/6/97 (rpt 18/9/97)
Secret Goldfish 15/6/97 (rpt 2/9/97)
Travis Cut 6/5/98, 7/6/00
Velodrome 2000  15/4/98
Girlfrendo 9/10/97 (rpt 7/1/98)
Hitchers 12/8/97 (rpt 5/11/97)
Policecat 31/7/97
New Bad Things 22/7/97

How I love to see peel sessions to be archive on the web one day.

C K Lee
e-mail: cklee@...

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