Kershaw's Return

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Sun Oct 8 20:07:20 CEST 2000

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Andy Kershaw Returns to the Beeb two months after his 
controversial sacking by Radio 1 as a regular guest on World Routes, 
the new series launched by Radio 3 this week. [Sundays 2215-2300 UT]
Kershaw joins main presenter Lucy DurĂ¡n with news updates and reviews 
of new releases, making his debut on October 1. Also appearing on the 
show is Brazilian Bebel Gilberto, following Yousso N'Dour's 
appearance on the first show.

It will be the first time Kershaw has been heard on the Beeb since 
his popular late night Radio 1 roots show was abruptly dropped by 
Radio 1 boss Andy Parfitt, triggering an outcry by folk and roots 
fans and even a debate in the House Of Commons.

Other forthcoming guests on World Routes include Cesaria Evora and 
Emil Zrihan (October 8), Mark Tully talking to Ravi Shankar (15), 
Sabri Brothers (22) and a preview of this year's Kora Awards (29).
Other regular contributors include South Asian music specialist 
Jameela Siddiqi, Colombian Juan Carlos Jaramillo and South African 
musician Eugene Skeef.

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