The Judge

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Fri Aug 18 22:39:33 CEST 2000

Found this quote attributed to "Judge Jules from Higate" on the Radio 1 
website Ibiza pages, in response to "which Radio 1 DJ they would like to 
invite for dinner as their guests."

"John Peel. He's seen waves and waves of generations of DJs come and go at 
Radio 1. Though I have met him once or twice I've always been really in awe 
of him. You just think that until you've been at Radio 1 for about 10 years 
there's no point in even approaching him because he'll just see you as  one 
of those many waves of DJs that come in and out as he, the hardy perennial, 
stays there. Here's hoping I can discuss this theory with him one night."

Nice to see some respect from the youngblood. And John, with Jules' vast 
income you should get quite a decent dinner out of him, a mushroom biriani at 
the very least!

Have to add I just came back from a week in Ibiza, and Jules' set was a 

Was pissed off to find my DAT machine had malfunctioned when I returned, so I 
missed a couple of Peel shows, though I now have the tracklists from the 
website. What was the Pilote session like?




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