Tom Roche troche@...
Wed Aug 2 05:43:53 CEST 2000

At 6:31 AM -0400 7/29/0, "Phil Edwards" <festiv50@...> wrote:
>I am in process of cataloguing my 500 odd Peel tapes including most 
>FF's from 1981. I just happened to come accross this session this 
>week. One day I hope to put it all up on the web. Maybe I could 
>arrange "swapsies".  I have already provided 1 member with 15 tapes 
>of certain FF's. So watch this space.

I have 100+, and I'd like to web archive them someday too.

I raced out this weekend and got the Senor Coconut CD. (mariachi/cumbia Kraftwerk covers)



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