Pavement/Peelennium/All time F50

Stuart McHugh smchugh@...
Tue Nov 9 11:43:04 CET 1999

>From: Andy Smith <andys@...>
>> 2) Can any one recomend what Pavement album I should get next? I've got
>> Terror Twighlight and really like it.
>Not a great album by Pavement standards, I'd say. My favourite's Wowee
aha, my 2 least favourite Pavement albums. Maybe that means if you like TT
you'll like WZ.
The best IMO is Slanted and Enchanted but being early that's much more,
ahem, 'raw'. But for the new Pavement sound I reckon Brighten the Corners
is the best by a long chalk.


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