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Tue Aug 31 11:57:47 CEST 1999

>From: Stuart McHugh <smchugh@...>
>Simon Mayo's Golden Year (or whatever he calls the thing) for today is
>taken entirely from Festive 50 entries.
>But what was the year?

Since no-one else will have heard this I might as well put you put of your
misery - tracks were played were:
MAAS - Pump Up The Volume (46)
New Order - True Faith (7)
Sugarcubes - Birthday (1)
Prince - Sign 'O The Times (32)
Eric B & Rakim - I Know You Got Soul (36)
The Smiths - Girlfriend in a Coma (15)
I think that was it - seemed like an awful year for music particularly with
the #32 (and the Eric B track was much worse than I remember it), as well
as the records being on the long side. In fact though, as you can see if
you go to the F50 site, there was a load of stuff in there which was worthy
of the F50 - The Fall, Sonic Youth, Butthole Surfers, Big Black, Bhundu
Boys - you name it. A real dearth of UK talent though, only the Smiths and
Wedding Present making any sort of impact on the proceedings.
Though he could have payed I Ludicrous...


(oh yes, 1987)

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