Oh CB Do A Tap Dance For Me

Stuart McHugh smchugh@...
Wed Apr 28 16:24:25 CEST 1999

>From: El Oso <xrayboy@...>
>The Beefheart Dot Com webpage has recently posted a RealAudio clip of a
>Beefheart interview with Peel conducted in 1973 (!)
>Really worth checking out. Runs about 15 minutes. Don is relaxed and
>down-to-earth, and John sounds like he is about 17 and very mellooow, man.

Ha, I feel that Peel should be given the chance to hear this! I was
planning on forwarding him the following info anyway so I might tag that on
at the end (if he can get through the 7000 emails he mentioned last night).
This is some more Beefheart info, based at the same
http://www.beefheart.com site

>I am thrilled to announce that next week's edition of the Radar Station's
>streaming audio radio show will be a complete, uninterrupted broadcast of
>all 72 minutes of the Grow Fins promo.

>This will be a very special edition of the show, arranged in collaboration
>with Revenant with their full approval. It will be available as from 12 noon
>GMT this Saturday (24th April) and will remain on-line until the same time
>the following Saturday. Many thanks to Dean and John at Revenant for making
>this possible.


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