PRAM Vs Tram

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Tue Apr 20 22:44:50 CEST 1999

Evening Kevin,

Tram are the ones that are good, Pram are the ones that, er, aren't.


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After last weeks monumental Novak session I bought the Blue 
Cinook single which is equally wonderful. I seem to remember 
hearing a track from them a few years ago which wasn't as 
wonderful and which meant I ignored them up till now. Have they 
improved recently or have they always been so wonderful. What 
other releases by them should I consider investing in?

Also I heard a bit of a track recently by a band called Pram, also I 
believe from Birmingham. It seemed pretty good. The band name 
sounds familiar but it may be that I have them mixed up with Tram.
Can anyone (Mr. Strong?) tell me anything about them?


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